Saturday, March 13, 2010

Add Pastry Chef To The List?

It's been quite a week.  My goal is to create two new posts each week and for the first time since I began, I was unable to accomplish the task.  In the midst of our craziness this week, I did have a couple of jobs to keep me going.  Mid week was an order for 100 scones in a Saint Patrick type packaging.  I created Chocolate and Cinnamon along with White Chocolate and Dried Cranberries.  They loved the shamrock bags, kelly green ribbon and most of all the taste.  Yeah!  Alas, no pictures.....  I do need to get better at taking pictures even though Jim already thinks I take too many!

Today, I have an order for yes, more pastry.  The order consists of Blueberry Cheesecake Squares and Cannoli.  I really need to change the name of the squares since they look much better in a triangle shape (and easier to eat).  I am also making them ricotta and chocolate cannoli without nuts.   

Tonight, we are heading out to a friend's house on the Cape for a dinner party and I made a Mascapone Cheesecake with a drizzle of Nutella and Cream.  This time, I used pecans instead of the usual almond in the crust.  In my world, a nut is a nut.  I LOVE THEM ALL!

Tell me, how do I end up creating and selling more pastry each week? 

Fino a quel momento



  1. know the way to my heart....Cannoli's....sigh...I made them for the girls before Christmas!!
    I have family in the boston area, around Natick...its been way too long since I have been up there
    Thanks for being my new foodie friend!!

  2. Thank you for taking a peek! Let's keep in touch.