Monday, July 30, 2012

Cleaning Out The Freezer.

We are now up in the Boston area visiting our family for the summer.  It has been quite a whirlwind with birthday celebrations, lunches, dinners and of course, golf.  I've been giving out quite a few Nana kisses to the point where the Grandchildren are running away.  Next week, we will also have the pleasure of a nice dinner with our children while celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary!

I wanted to finish what I started prior to leaving Naples which was to document my food creations while emptying out the food from the freezer and pantry before we headed north.  There were a few funky items hanging around so I needed to put on my thinking hat.  I had chorizio in the freezer along with flat bread.  In the pantry were purple potatoes and I began to get nervous thinking Jim would not be enjoying dinner that night.  It turned out quite flavorful and went great with a salad.   He loved it.

Flat Bread Chorizo and potato pizza

 Next came an open box of pasta and back into the freezer I went.  I found shrimp, bacon and broccoli.  Viola, dinner in ten minutes.

Orecchiette with shrimp and bacon

We invited friends to dinner to enjoy a 4lb. pork roast from the freezer and along with a few vegetables, we were almost empty!

Pork Roast with roasted vegetables

Last, but not least, I finished up with a shrimp scampi pizza using the last of the shrimp and broccoli.

Shrimp Scampi Pizza

The only items purchased during this time were the fresh vegetables.  I am amazed at just how many meals you can make when you actually look at what you have hanging around the kitchen.  My problem is that I usually walk around grocery stores and farmer's markets always looking for that something special to try.  My pantry is filled with different grains, seasoning's and pasta waiting for me to pull them out and create a new dish.

This was a great exercise that helped me better understand what I had stocked as well a getting my creative juices flowing to try something new.  I was also pleased I did not have to throw away food which is always a bad thing.

During this week, I was able to use what I had, spending very little money in the process.  So, I'm thinking everyone should take a look in their pantry and freezer this week and give it a try.  Let me know what you found and the meal created.  I'm certain it will be a success!

For now, I am going to continue loving my family, hanging with our friends and enjoying this thing called life.  I suggest you do the same.

Fino a quel momento,



  1. The pizza and pasta look delicious, and look like you had a complicated recipe to follow. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. xo

    1. Thank you Barbara! I just put my thinking cap on without recipes for this challenge. It was fun.

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