Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's For Dinner This Week?

The time has come to close up our beautiful Naples residence for our summer trip North.  I am getting excited as it's Rylee's first birthday and we are going to celebrate with the family.  While I love our life, I do so miss my family and cannot wait to kiss their faces.  The good thing is when I feel the need for family, I can always FaceTime or Skype to make me smile.

My goal is to empty the freezer and create delicious meals prior to our departure.  I say delicious as there are some good things hanging in there.  While I would always prefer fresh to frozen, I purchase food on sale so I always have a dinner option and save money along the way.  I also try to use everything and if there is extra, It goes directly in a container and into the freezer.

This task began today with a full freezer and I was hungry for breakfast.  (I think it was the wine from last night)  I found bacon along with a container of chopped onions which I removed and took a little from each.  I also made a menu in my head for the rest of the week and will continue towards my goal.  All I bought today at the grocery store was fruit and vegetables and along with my pantry and herb garden, I will have a fabulous week of food.

The bacon and onions went into the sauté pan and after a few minutes of an aroma heaven, I added the eggs, a little cheese and chopped basil.  I had a great breakfast and it took less than five minutes.

Tonight Jim's brother Gene joined us and I made tilipia piccata and of course, the fish came from the freezer.  I added quinoa and sautéed vegetables along with a nice salad.  I think day one was a success. We shall see what the rest of the week brings.

Tilipia Picatta
Quinoa with sautéed vegetables

I will continue my goal this week to not waste and use everything in my freezer.  Then I can happily go to Beantown and work to fill up the freezer for my children.  This way they can think of me every time they have dinner on me... 

Like I said, I do miss my family, but soon enough they will be in my arms and I will be kissing their adorable faces.  My heart is beginning to race as I think about it.

Take care, love your family and give them a hug for me.  There is nothing better in life...

Fino a quel momento,


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