Friday, August 3, 2012

Food and Friends

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hanging with our best friends who are staying in New Hampshire.  As luck would have it, we also spent quality time with very good high school friends that we have not seen in quite a while.  My husband Jim and Fitzy were great friends when they were young and while they have not seen each other much over the years, did not miss a step and both had that look of brotherly love the entire time they were together.

Karen and Fitzy (or Rocket as they called him in high school) were the perfect hosts.  While I drooled over their fabulous kitchen, we also played in the water and tasted delicious appetizers while sitting lakeside.  We relaxed our bodies in the hot tub overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee as the sun set on both days.  Karen made a great dinner and on the second day, Fitzy brought outstanding lobster rolls out to the girls while we lounged in the hot tub drinking wine.  (Is there anything better in life than that?) I would have had pictures, but we were busy...We ended dinner with a simple, yet refreshing dessert that should be on every table this summer.

Judy cleaning (of course)

Karen whipped up the heavy cream and we cleaned the freshest berries.  Many times in life, we focus on elaborate dishes and at the end of a great day, the perfect summer dessert was sitting in front of us.  This weekend, the focus was on friendship, old and renewed.

In life, you can measure happiness in many ways.  Somewhere at the top of the list along with family is friendship.  Good friends smile just by being together.  Good friends comfort you during times of need.   Friendship can make a simple summer dessert extraordinary.  You can't ever go wrong with good friends.

Get out your contact list today and call a friend you haven't spoken with for a while.  I'm thinking they will be glad you did.

Cibo a quel momento,


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