Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It was the time of our lives (and we ate well too!)

As the memorable song goes, it was the time of our lives.  This entry, while does showcase a few incredible meals on this fun filled, four day journey, it is being created to document the fun and excitement since we were forgetting what we did even before we left!  It could be that we were exhausted the entire trip.  This past long weekend, ten high school friends traveled to Vegas to celebrate the 60th birthday of six incredible woman.  The rest of us in attendance are all around the number as well and yes Judy, some are closer than others.  With our "Vegas names" in place and photos of those friends unable to attend, we were ready to go!

How fortunate are we to have Judy as a friend.  This woman has been by my side for over 45 years and while she has many wonderful qualities, her love for her friends sits at the top of a long list.  She initiated this trip as she wanted all her friends with her to celebrate this milestone.  How many people out there can say they continue to have strong bonds that don't break for that long, with such a large group?

We were treated like royalty the entire stay by Judy's son whose business is in Vegas.  It was his gift to her, but we were all recipients of his extreme generosity.  Once everyone arrived, our vacation began with a cabana by the pool that included a large credit for us to spend and after a great day we were off to Bellagio for dinner at Fix.  I was put in charge of ordering the wine on this trip which I enjoy.  For dinner, I ordered the special.   Ahi Tuna with U10 Scallops and Grilled Shrimp from Hawaii in a lemon beurre blanc sauce.  All I can say is unbelievable...

The next day was spent shopping and relaxing by the pool and for dinner we headed to Stack at the Mirage for an early dinner as we had tickets to see Terry Fator.  I had never heard of him, but he was fabulous!  Of course, we found time to gamble a little in-between all our activities.  The best meal this night was the Seabass with lobster and shrimp risotto in  lobster broth.  (lobstah, as they say in Boston).  This meal melted in your mouth!  

Our night only got better as we were fortunate enough to be whisked away through the crowd at Caesars onto the rooftop nightclub, Pure.  We were given the best table in the house, a large bottle of Grey Goose, a waitress and oh yes, security!  We also had a generous tab and danced the night away.  How many times did one of us say "who is better than us?"We were also lucky enough there was a pole right near our table to help Sandy dance.  Yes, we laughed till we cried and made the wise decision to head back to our hotel before they closed the club.

Our last day was a quiet one since, well since...  We stayed close to the pool for the most part, but a few adventurous ladies headed out for more shopping.  Dinner for our last evening was at our hotel, Aria.  We ate at Union Restaurant at a fabulous table.  The lighting was perfect, the champagne brought to the table delicious and our meals were outstanding.  We ended the night splitting up with half gambling and the rest taking in Jay Leno at the Mirage.

Tuna Tartare with Sesame, Pear and Chili Oil

Crispy Baked Mozzarella

Colorado Lamb Rack

Organic Chicken

Two of these for the table to end our meal!

Don't these dishes make you wish you were there?  While they were delicious and mouthwatering, the best part of this trip was spending the time of my life with my girlfriends.  Life is good when you have people to share it with, isn't it?  

Be good to yourself and be better to your friends.  They are what life is all about...

Remember, a good life deserves good food (and friends)

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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  1. This story is incredible! Your group of friends reminded me of my close-knit group of girlfriends and while going through the post, I started imagining my friends and I doing the exact same thing in the future, too!Congratulations and I hope you and your amazing group of friends have many, many more years of fun times to come!