Sunday, May 8, 2011

Polenta for Mother's Day

I had the honor of having both my mother and aunt spend not only the past week with us, but our special day together.  Since we made the big move, I was so happy to have my mother with me for mother's day.  Especially since my two sister's live so much closer to her and Momma loves to spend quality time with all of us.

To make this day truly special, I decided to make a meal that my Grandfather was famous for and a meal we fondly remember and love.  Polenta with red beans and a red sauce is a childhood memory for me.  I believe one of my first blog entries talked about my Grandfather making polenta.  It was my pleasure to make this for my famiglia.  They were all excited knowing this would happen and I felt today was the day!  Jim's brother came to visit as well so we were a family of five for dinner.

I also used the polenta boards I purchased on a recent trip to Sulmona, Italy since as a child, I remembered my Grandfather making our polenta meal and placing it on a board on our kitchen table for dinner.

On the recommendation of my good friend Sal, I also decided to  make some of the polenta a different way.  I added rosemary, grilled triangles of polenta and topped with gorgonzola.  I also put the sauce on the side and It was delicious!!!

After a day at the pool, gifts of nail and spa salons, this meal was a perfect way to end our Mother's Day!  I so love my famiglia...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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