Monday, February 14, 2011

Famiglia - It just doesn't get any better...

My Sista's
In some families, the bond that ties them together is in name only.  In others, they may resemble each other or live nearby and in some cases in this day and age, they actually live together in the same home.  My family is a special one.  We may not see each other as often as I would like, but we love and care deeply for one another.  In our immediate family, we have a great son and daughter, their wonderful spouses, two adorable Grandchildren and another coming in July.  My Mother lives only a mile from us and while the rest of the family is "close enough" with the exception of our Florida connection, our daily lives are busy with work and stuff.  It only means that when we see each other, it's all the more special.

Because of this, our decision to move to our Florida home has been a difficult one, but one we have wanted for many years.  We have actually been preparing for this for the past eight years and even though I began a catering business in Boston, I always knew it would continue in Naples.  I even used a cell phone with a Naples exchange for my business phone so the transition would be easier.  See, there was always a plan with everything in place except the actual date.

Well, that day is coming and coming soon.  At the end of this month, we will make our way South to our new home and I will begin to market my business in the sunshine state.  Of course, we wanted to get together before the big day even though Angela and Joe will already be visiting us in April.  Susan and Vinny planned a nice Sunday afternoon at their house for us along with our mother, aunt and two cousins.  How surprised were we when we pulled up to the house and could not get into their long driveway.  I actually almost got us killed because I could not understand what was going on.  We saw everyone's car and knew then they had planned something much bigger than planned.

Yesterday, my entire family took time out of their busy lives to be together and celebrate us as a family.  Our best friends, who by the way, will live right next door to us in Naples were there as well.  Of course they were, they are family.

Yesterday, we laughed, ate, drank and enjoyed that special thing called family.  I cannot wait until I see everyone in the warmth and sunshine of Naples.  I love my family...

Happy Valentine's Day!  Happy Birthday to my Godson Adam and a big round of applause to Auntie Sugar and Uncle Richie on their 51st Anniversary!

Fino e quel momento (until that time)


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  1. Can you believe I will be living next door to this fabulous cook!!!! Happy days and great food are within my reach. TreCorsi = yum!!!