Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrating Kathy's 60th at Morton's

This is a big year for our family and friends as the class of 1969 turns 60 years old in 2011.  Not me, of course since I'm so much younger than all of them.  My husband Jim and I are fortunate enough to still have so many wonderful friends from high school and now we have the opportunity to celebrate in a big way this year - all year.  This past Friday night was one of those special celebrations as our sister-in-law, Kathy turned 60. 

Instead of creating a dinner in her honor, we decided to head to Morton's newest Boston location at the Seaport.  Our experience began when the restaurant called to confirm and asked if it was a special occasion and of course, I told them about Kathy and her birthday celebration.  The customer service provided over the phone, the valet and everyone in between was exceptional.  Everyone we encountered that night went above and beyond in ensuring our night was a success. 

We were taken to a small room with only a few tables and immediately were presented with a special menu to commemorate the night.  That in itself was enough, but our waiter informed us a bottle of wine was being opened in honor of Kathy's birthday.  Now I knew that was not Morton's, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  As it turned out, a good friend of Kathy's called in and had it brought to our table.  What a nice surprise to the beginning a a special night.

All of our meal's were exceptional and the service attentive.  From our waiter Tom, who took care of all our requests to the receptionist up front who took our picture and presented it to each couple as we left.  We were made to feel special.  And yes, I do understand it's part of the hefty price you pay and they take pictures all the time, but somehow, you were made to believe it was only for you... 

Tuna Tartare
Chilean Sea Bass
Pineapple-Pepper Salsa
Filet Oskar
Asparagus, Jumbo Lump Crab, Bearnaise Sauce
What made my night was Kathy smiling and relaxed, enjoying herself in a big way.  She rarely takes time for herself.  We ate a wonderful meal, laughed all night and smiled all the way home.  She is a beautiful woman who probably won't pass for 60 even when she's 80.

Friends, take the time to enjoy your family and friends every day and remember, a good life deserves good food...

Fino e quel momento (until that time)


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