Friday, September 3, 2010

Pizza Bianco

I often glance through my Williams-Sonoma catalog or peruse through their website looking at what's new - and drool.  Just last week, Jim took me to the Williams-Sonoma outlet and I picked up a few necessities.  Yes, necessities.  I'm always happiest when I have new cooking tools.  All Clad pans, new grill pan, choppers, baking pans, etc.  Yes, as I said, a few necessities.

Today, while on their website, I found a recipe for this pizza.  I recently bought a new mandoline and wanted to try it out so Jim is in luck and got his favorite type of pizza.  He loves pizza bianco with all sort of different items on top.  I attached a link to a mandoline so you can check it out, but I don't believe you need to purchase one that is too expensive as they all work the same.    Here is another option that is on the higher end - Bron Original Stainless Steel Mandolin SlicerI bought a stainless steel set with five interchangeable blades.  It works fabulous and is easy to use.

Pizza Bianco

3 medium potatoes
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
2 cups of grated fontina cheese
1 Tablespoon fresh rosemary

Peel potatoes and slice thin.  This is where the mandoline comes in handy.  It took a couple of minutes to get this piece done.  Put the sliced potatoes into a bowl and add the olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.  Place in a single layer on a sheet pan and cook for 18-22 minutes in a 425 degree oven.  When done, move the oven up to 450 and place the pizza stone in to heat. 

You can make any type of dough or purchase one pound from the store or bakery.  Mince garlic and rosemary and then grate the fontina cheese.  How easy is this?

Next is the cornmeal on the pizza peel and add the rolled out dough onto it.  If you don't have a peel, you can use the stone or a pan.  It's just that the peel along with the hot stone makes for a nice crispy pizza.  I also make plenty of pizzas in a sheet pan as it gives it a rustic look. 

All that's left is to brush olive oil on the dough, add the garlic, cheese, top with the slices of potato and add the rosemary.  I add a little salt and pepper and into the oven it goes for approximately 15 minutes.  Keep an eye on it and you will be able to tell when it's finished. 

This was a great Friday night dinner with a salad.  As I write this, I'm thinking the pizza just about finished and it was only the two of us! 

Yes, it was as good as it looks and you should try it.  I just love making pizza...  Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone.

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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  1. WOW Linda, that pizza looks so yummy. Going to give it a try this weekend...Thanks so much for sharing all you fantastic dishes. xoxo Rita Balfour