Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 New England Dessert Showcase

Here I am on a Friday night, an Italian speciality caterer preparing to be an exhibitor in a dessert showcase this weekend.  My goal to bring my biscotti to the world via the internet is close to becoming a reality and my second goal, to be busy is already here.  Between my new gig as a Function Hall Manager, catering dinner parties, business luncheons and a brunch here and there, I am exhilarated and excited to do more!

Momma Eva making biscotti

 But hey, this was a week that didn't end!  While excited with anticipation to be part of the 2010 New England Dessert Showcase, I ended up with knots in my stomach when told to expect 5,000 visitors throughout the five hours of the show and needed to have a sample for each of them.  5,000?  Is that even possible?  Well the answer is yes.  With help from the best family and friends, I was not only able to make that number I also created a few packages for sale.  And then the next e-mail came.  They sold more tickets and now there would be at least 6,000 people walking through the showcase.  The way I see it is 6,000 potential biscotti lovers.

I worked day and night to get it accomplished and felt prepared on Friday night as Kristen and I headed home after setting up.  We arrived on Saturday morning ready to go and while the 10-12, B2B section of the day went very well, once they let in ticket holders it became difficult for both exhibitors as well as those who expected to spend a leisurely day walking through the hall and tasting.  People could not move, many left soon after they arrived and I am told by the Westin, they had to refuse thousands of ticket holders since there was no room. 

All in all, I still believe I will benefit from this exposure, but unfortunately, I came home with a few thousand mini biscotti since people could not get to us, left or were unable to get into the hall.  I immediately created small packages of the mini biscotti and quickly sold 50 to Michael Kors for an event.  I am working on a few other options as I type.

We were the only biscotti baker in attendance and they loved our anise and lemon flavors.  We loved meeting all our new friends and those that did not know what a biscotti was are now fans!

My dream of selling my biscotti online to the world is about to become a reality.  My website is being re-worked to enable a selling feature.  I'm hoping it will be ready by November for the holiday season.  If not, we can still handle all your needs.  Looking for a great gift?  We will have gift baskets, towers with scones added or create something that will work just for you.  Give us a call and we will  make it happen! 

Life is great, isn't it?

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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