Monday, August 23, 2010

Famiglia Cooking for Famiglia

Yesterday, I had a dinner party for 15 guests.  The hostess wanted to ensure everyone had enough to eat and then some.  She had invited her family to dinner and wanted everything perfect.  Once the menu was finalized, I went to work on the shopping list and timeline.  Saturday was baking day and I created a Red Velvet Cake along with a Raspberry Cheesecake.  Both definitely taste better when they have set after baking.   

My Sunday began with my mother Eva coming over early to help.  I laughed since she normally does not wake up early any day of the week and when she's with me, I never want her to do anything but sit there and look cute.  But this day she surprised me!  She was my sous chef working beside me, cutting vegetables, stuffing pepperdues, washing dishes and when she was idle, decided to do our laundry.  How did I get this lucky? 

We also received a visit from my sister Susan and her husband Vinny.  While they came to visit, they immediately jumped in and helped prepare the food.  I think offering them wine helped!  While Vinny trimmed the beef tenderloin, Susan made a beautiful antipasto!  Oh, we also had a tasting with every course and with the support of my family, I was able to get all "tre corsi's" out and well received. 

The Crew
I get a great deal of satisfaction in preparing a wonderful menu and even more when people love the food.  Yesterday was a great day for many reasons.  I had my mother by my side, my family helping me create a fabulous dinner and the hostess loving what was served.  Yes, yesterday was a great day...

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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