Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

It's getting to be a challenge to find good recipes for all my beautiful CSA tomatoes.  I am always on the lookout for a new way to put these babies on the table.  Last week, I found a stuffed tomato recipe online, thought it was a great idea and decided to go through my fridge and cabinets to see what I could fill them with. 

Of course, my go-to staple of late is quinoa since it's great for you and healthy to boot.  I began by taking one cup of quinoa and rinsed it very, very good.  Next, I put it into a heavy pan with two cups of water, covered and brought it to a boil.  Once there, I simmer until most of the water is evaporated. 

In the meantime, I slice the top off each tomato and remove the inside being careful not to take too much since you want the tomato whole.  Take the tomato filling and place into the pan with the quinoa and add chopped parsley.  I like to use about 1/4 cup, but make it to your liking.  Season with salt and pepper and 1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese.

Fill tomatoes with mixture and place the top back on.  I drizzled oil over them and added a little fontina cheese to top it off.  I just love cheese!  In a 350 oven, it should take approximately 20 minutes.  I left these in just a bit too long and they began to fall apart so take notice.

This recipe was exceptionally easy to make and I had leftover quinoa since I only made two tomatoes.  You could definitely make four with these amounts, add a salad and dinner is served...

Try these, you will be glad you did.

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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