Monday, July 26, 2010

The Famiglia Connection

I have a wonderful family and so excited they are spending quality time together as they age with grace and beauty.  For some time now I have been connected with my cousin Sandra from Abruzzo, Italy through Facebook.  My sister Susan has met the family a few times but when I travelled to my grandfather's village they were away on vacation at the sea.  Yesterday, we finally met face to face.

It turns out we have 2nd cousins living the next town over to us right here in Massachusetts and it took Sandra who now lives in Pescara, Abruzzo with her husband to pull us all together.  There were five of us meeting our Italian famiglia connection and when they opened the door it began.  The first at the door were Sandra's mother and aunt who did not speak English.  There was an abundance of smiles and love along with kisses, excitement and loud voices. 

Of course we were in the kitchen and our hosts for the day took care of us with food and drinks on the table at all times.  The excitement for me began when Sandra's mother realized I cooked for a living and quickly began giving me dishes she made along with how she made them.  The problem for me was that it was all in Italian and fast!  Sandra did try to interpret for me and I actually made Momma's eyes widen with my Gnocchi with Lemon recipe.  I am so very excited we will now swap recipes and I will get to add to my menu. 

This was a special day for me.  Amo la mia famiglia...

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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