Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is It Really All About Being Healthy?

I know in my heart, I want to be healthy and I believe I do try - some days.  The problem in my life is that my love for all food Italian keeps getting in the way!  If only the food Gods let us eat everything we loved and then more of everything we loved every day, I would yes, be in heaven.  But the world does not work that way.  We should most definitely focus on what we put into our bodies (unless it's wine - then all bets are off)

Last week we had a dinner party at a friend's beautiful home and the food was ALL HEALTHY - well, almost.  Kathy is a vegan, yes I did say vegan, and she lives an incredible healthy lifestyle. 

Food should be as fresh as possible and one should know where it came from.  Most of what she had in her kitchen was organic.  That night we compromised and had a healthy, tasty dinner with a dessert of mascapone cheesecake.  I did at least use nuts in the crust. 

We discussed the difference between white flour and whole wheat, sugar and agave and on and on.  Spelt was NEVER in my dictionary.  On our ride home, I talked out loud about the fact that healthy living was something we needed to look at.  It goes beyond the food we eat and how it's grown.  It should be an overall focus that includes excerise, being active and our friendships.

I now believe there just might be a way to cook the food I love and make it healthier.  All the while I spoke, Jim cringed.  Not out loud, but after all these years, I could see it.  You need to only understand that Jim is and has always been, my "taster".  He is the one who gets to try all my successful as well as the not so good creations. 

During the past week, I headed out and bought all things green, orange and red.  My focus is to take it one day at a time and work to incorporate good, healthy food in our diet every day.  Now if I can only figure out the excercise piece....

Fino a quel momento (until that time)



  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting! Great blog. Do keep in touch.

  2. Linda,
    Found a new sugar to use....
    Coconut sugar...
    Here's a blog to look @that is created by the Natural Gourmet Institute..
    We should get together & do a Ying & Yang cooking blog....
    Or is Conversion possible???
    Or is it even necessary. Italian is healthy....just forget the meatballs...
    Sorry Jim....