Thursday, May 22, 2014

Still Finding Great Restaurants in Naples!

 Recently, I was told I stopped blogging.  I began to protest but quickly realized my last blog post was at the end of January!  Oops.  A fun, busy life and a little work sometimes gets in the way.  You did notice that the word "fun" was definitely before the word "work".

We went with friends to a new restaurant for us, Alexander's on 41 in Naples.  Not easy to find as it sits back from the road but we were told many times that it was wonderful and now we know it's true.  Our friend actually told me not to tell anyone as it was busy enough.  Well I am here to say it doesn't make a difference since it is quite obvious they are as busy as they can be without me telling the world.

Alexander's Fine American and European Cuisine offers lovely indoor and outdoor dining, a wine bar  and a delicious menu.  We happened to visit the last week prior to their summer vacation so our menu choice was down to a single page.  Definitely not a problem as our choices were fabulous!  By the way, this vacation is for the summer.  They close until September 25th and are so popular, they already had 50 reservations scheduled for that night.  Make that 54.

Friendly and warm was our greeting but the best part was the food (beside the company).  

Seafood Risotto
Crab Encrusted Grouper
Creme Brûlée
Last, but not least was dessert.  Perfect ending to a perfect night with good friends.  Take the time to get with family and friends this weekend.  We are lucky to have both in Naples this weekend.  Family in town and friends who make you smile.  

See you in September Alexander's!

Fino a quel momento,


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