Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Birthday Dinner with my Famiglia

I like the idea of a summer long birthday celebration.  It began in June with a weekend long celebration with my best girls, took a great turn and went to Italy where we spent my actual birthday with good friends.  Once back home, our children surprised me with a night of strawberry cheesecake and gifts and the finale was this week.  (I think it's the finale, but who really knows?)  I got to spend a fabulous night with my famiglia.  Not everyone, but it was a girl's night out.  The best Sista's anyone could ask for, our mother, daughters, favorite aunt, cousins and nieces.  Just how fortunate am I?  No need to answer the question, I know.

Although this was suppose to be a surprise (you know how that goes), I found out.  There were eleven of my favorite females together at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH.  This establishment was gorgeous.  They have been able to pull together not only this large, beautiful restaurant, but a separate market selling wonderful food and more.  Everything they do has a nice touch.  I don't think they missed anything.

The food on the other hand missed a step tonight from my perspective.  While the presentation was perfect, not all of our entrees worked.  We began with calamari (very good) and a very nice cheese and meat plate which I was so used to having in Italy.  

A few of us were dying for a certain entree but we were told they did not have it.  I ended up with the duck ravioli with cherries but did not care for the flavor.  Our waitress did offer to get me another entree but i declined and yes, did eat it.

Those who got the gnocchi loved the pasta but not the sauce.  The filet came out over done without seasoning and I am happy to say my aunts pasta dish, while good, did not compare to mine.  (Her words, not mine, hehe). I was also surprised that the fig pizza, while good, did not use fresh figs. 

I think the highlight was the salmon entree, which was delicious.  

Our evening ended with a delicious birthday cake.  I don't think there was any need for the 60th...

At the end of the day, we were in a beautiful setting with my beautiful famiglia.  We laughed, took pictures and had fun.  It was not about the food, but family.  What a wonderful, happy night, spent with those I love.  I am the luckiest girl in the world.  

Sisters do make this fabulous world a better place...

Fino a quel momento,


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