Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Matriach of the Famiglia

Momma and her angels

The love of a mother is unlike anything else in this world.  I know, because I have a mother who loves her family unconditionally.  "My three angels" is how she refers to her daughters and we just accept it for what it is, our mothers love.  Last month was Mother's Day and I decided to head back to Boston to spend it with my family.  I did not surprise Eva this time as I promised I would never do that again after watching her hold her chest when I knocked on her door last year yelling surprise!

I met Momma, Auntie and my sisters at Angelina's Restaurant.  My sister Susan is the owner of Angelina's which just happens to be our Grandmother's name.  The restaurant is a wonderful place to hangout as it is filled with beautiful photographs of our entire family taken a long time ago.  Even the photos of the three angels are over 40 years old!  For me, it's an emotional, warm your heart feeling when you step in the door and view our family that has long left this world.  Eva just loves being there and rightly so, which is why it just made sense for us to join together and celebrate our 84 year old mother at Angelina's.

We began the afternoon hugging, kissing and exchanging cards and gifts.  Susan was actually working so she would just come and sit for a few minutes at a time.  Of course we also had a cocktail or two and Susan has an incredible Italian wine list that we needed to check out.  She also had wonderful specials and Bobby G. was the entertainment which made Momma even more happy.  (if that was even possible)

Angelina's has many of the recipes from our family and Momma always gets the Scallops Abruzzi and the Polenta appetizers for her meal.  Never changes.  We on the other hand, tried a few different entrees and of course, loved them all.

The Angel's gave Eva an Ipad and had it engraved which put her over the top.  We used it to video her dancing since she believes she is the real Dancing Nana!  Groovin Nana - 84 and still dancing! on You Tube, check it out.  We had the perfect day with the perfect Momma.

Happy Mother's Day Eva, once again!  I love you more...


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