Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Italia here we are

Our first night in Italy was a good one.  Our trip over however, took longer than expected with a long delay as well as needing to go into a different airport.  Originally, we were heading into Pisa with a short bus ride to Lucca but instead, our journey took us to Milano after our delay.  This just meant we needed to go right to Plan B.  the decision was made to head to Parma or Bologna depending on the train schedule and it turned out to be Bologna.  We had never been so it was a great decision with the exception of being very, very tired and no place to stay.  

Internet service was not working at the airport, but we were able to figure out how to get Euro's the best way as well as our shuttle bus ticket without needing to ask anyone!  Bravo. Now we just needed a room!  

After leaving the train station we just walked and walked.  I really should take a back step when making directional decisions, but regardless, we found a hotel with one room left.  Who knew this was a big week in Bologna?  After a well needed nap, we heading out and took a bus into the city center where we walked the streets for a few hours.  Bologna is an interesting city being the fifth largest in Italy.  We spent our time in and around the Piazza Miggliore.  Our early night ended with a delicious and fresh light meal and back to our hotel.  

Tomorrow we should be in Lucca!  Fingers crossed we find it easily...

Buona Notte,


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