Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looks Are Deceiving...

For some time, we have driven past a small strip mall near our home that had a small unassuming restaurant.  The sign out front said Steak House and never did I think we would be dining there.   Then I received a Groupon for the Argentinean, Martin Fierro Restaurant.  It turns out it was the same place that we often drove by and after checking it out online, I decided to purchase the Groupon.

I am so glad we did!  While the outside was not at all inviting, once you step inside, it is a warm comfortable place.  While I do not eat much beef, this dining experience was a good one.  I wanted to try a couple of special appetizers so we ordered the baked provolone with tomatoes and the beef and ham and cheese empanadas.  They also had fresh bread with chimichurri sauce on the table.  The garlic always sends me to a different place...

On a recommendation from our waitress, Jim and Dave got the beef chorizo which is a New York strip loin.  I ordered the grilled cedar smoked salmon and Gene another cut of beef.  Our food was all satisfying and delicious with all of us saying we would return.  The only thing I did not love was the rice and beans as they were a bit dry for my taste.  

Our waitress was friendly and helpful and the only issue was they did not have the dessert the boys ordered and we were there early in the evening.  When we arrived, there were only two other tables seated, but by the time we left the place was jumping!  I am told they have entertainment on the weekend.

So, when it comes to people and places, never be afraid to jump in and say hello.  You just never know what response you will receive.  I'm happy we did.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  Get out there and find something "new".

Fino a quel momento


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