Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Have I Been?

It's hard to believe I have not blogged for almost two months.  We have been working hard creating our new life in Naples and other things just got in the way.  Jim was still struggling with his back when he tripped and fell causing injury to his shoulder, resulting in surgery.  In the meantime, I created a new business opportunity as my catering business struggles to find a suitable location.

In December, Angelina's Biscotti was born.  Angelina Santangelo Tieri is my maternal grandmother and while she died young, I still remember her fondly.  I have always made biscotti, knew it was a good product and sold them through my catering business.  So in one weekend, I purchased the domain, created a website, ordered business cards and put myself in business.  I was fortunate to locate a wholesale cupcake bakery to share space and voila, I'm in business!

December proved to be successful with both local and shipped orders.  Our name was getting out and I was excited.  It's nice to be busy again and focused.  The only problem was that I needed to find an outlet in order to grow Angelina's.  I found it in a local farmer's market in Naples.  The Naples area has many farmer's markets, but most were already booked with vendors along with a waiting list.  While it wasn't easy, I was able to find one space in Saint Paul's Farmer's Market every Saturday for the 2012 season.  When I initially spoke with Roger, the person in charge, he informed me there were no openings and would let me know if things changed.  Jim and I went to the market the next week and found Roger.  We headed over to meet him in person and introduce ourselves.  The good news was he had on a Red Sox jacket and Jim was wearing a Celtics shirt.  I had the space the very next week!

Happy Repeat Customers!

We have had two weeks meeting people and selling biscotti.  My good friend Dave has been with me helping set up along with selling and it's been wonderful.  I look forward to Saturday mornings, getting the word out and meeting all my new friends!  Hope to see you soon.

Have a great week everyone and remember, a good life deserves good biscotti!

Fino a quel momento,



  1. Farmer's Markets have proven to be the best venue for new businesses. I always try out a new offering and love that it is local. Best of luck to you.

  2. Thank you Claudia! I feel the same way and have received good feedback. Very excited about my new venture.