Saturday, August 20, 2011

It Tastes Like More...

Dad died this week.  It wasn’t suppose to be this way or happen to him.  Eugene Francis Duggan, Sr. was not only a man’s man, he was our man.  Gino and Kitty raised eight children, over 20 grandchildren and more than a dozen great grandchildren.  I am married to Jim, number three son and Dad’s most recent great grandchild is our granddaughter, Rylee Shea Duggan.   She was actually born on Pop’s birthday this past July 13th but unfortunately, they never got to meet.
I would bet money there is not a person alive who does not love and respect our Dad.    He was a man of honor, kind, respected all people and above all, loved his family.  He had the most beautiful blue eyes that twinkled and the widest, wonderful smile you could see for miles. For almost 60 years, Dad also loved his wife, Kitty.  They married way too young, raised their family and somehow made it all work.  They spent all their time together and what he loved most of all in this world was taking care of his girl.  I’ve only been around for 40 years, give or take a few, but the one thing I always knew was their love.  They say love conquers all and in this case, it certainly did.  Their love story was never more evident than the night Dad left us.  Seeing the two of them together at the end and the love they shared is something most of us will never experience in our lifetime.  It was beyond beautiful and will be with me forever.
The other things Dad loved was golf and food, but I’m not certain in what order.  He’s the only person I know to have three, yes three, hole in one’s.  He taught our daughter Stacy to golf and actually tried to help me out as well.  He was fresh when golfing, always looking for the edge while his partner was up.  He would talk, make noise and anything else to help him win, even though he never needed it.  Like I said, he was fresh.
Dad also loved to cook but better yet, eat.  I say cook unless he was staying with us and then he ALWAYS let me cook.  That was even when I didn’t want to!  He had a tremendous appetite and no matter what he was eating he always said “it tastes like more”.  He would often give me his tips for recipes, but never worked with me in the kitchen.  Always asked if I needed a hand and when I would say yes, he would clap.  Yes, that’s our Dad.  He always made you smile and for that I will forever be grateful that I am part of the Duggan Clan.
Dad, I wish I could make you more food today, tomorrow and always.  I miss you.
Fino a quel momento (until that time)
LID (your favorite)


  1. Beautifully written...

  2. Mommy that was beautiful but I'm the must have slipped your mind ;) love you Papa! <3

  3. thank you auntie linda. we were all blessed to have papa in our lives. couldnt have said it better myself. can you imagine how delicious the food is in heaven? until we meet again my sweet papa. amen.