Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cousins at the Tiki Bar

Life is meant to be lived and I would add that it's to be lived surrounded by the love of family.  It's difficult for me to believe how we spent much of our growing years without the love and friendship of our cousins.  It's not that we lived far from each other.  In fact, we grew up within two local towns.  Sometimes things just get in the way with people make decisions, not thinking things through.  The good news is that after all these years, the cousin's have found their way through all the craziness and a large piece of the puzzle has been put in place.

Although there are male cousins, it's the girls that have made a point to be together and enjoy our life as family.  This has been a tough year for the Tieri family as we lost Danny to Multiple Sclerosis and our Michelle is now battling cancer.  I say battling as she's a tough cookie and if anyone can beat it, it's her.  Yes, it's a tough year, but as life goes, we also have babies to bring joy into our lives as we work though the difficult days.

The other night we were able to pull together a needed cousin's night at the Tiki Bar!  It's a great place that just happens to be in Eileen's back yard with her husband Zizi doing all the cooking.  We weren't all able to be there together in person, but we spoke to both Barbara and Michelle that night.  We were greeted with a cosmopolitan and then the food began.  Course after course of great tasting Greek food.

We ate, laughed and cried together as family.  We talked about how lucky we are to finally have each other in our life.  Life just doesn't get better than cousins.  Like some very smart person recently said, "there is nothing, nothing, nothing like family".  I agree!

In the middle of Irene, take good care of your family and enjoy what you have while you have it.  I know I will.

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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