Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Pot Pie - The Ultimate Comfort Food

Ever since we returned home to the Boston area, I thought of comfort food.  Perhaps it was the cold weather or the Thanksgiving Holiday on our heals, but I was craving warm, hearty food in a big way.  Last week, Jim and I went to a local restaurant and I ordered the chicken pot pie to fulfil my craving.  I could not wait for it to arrive at our table, but was greatly disappointed when it was placed in front of me.  They used pizza dough on top and when I cut into it, it was watery - very watery.  Our waitress was wonderful when she saw it sitting in front of me and we told her why.  She removed it from the bill, I split Jim's meal and we went on our way.

The problem was I still wanted a pot pie!  Today, I created a version with everything from my fridge and freezer.  Oh yes, I did tell Jim that I would not go food shopping until we began to make a dent out of our freezer.  It seems that the more I cook, the more I save - in more ways than one.  Today we had a winner!

I found a prepared double frozen crust for our Turkey Pot Pie in the freezer and I went to work finding stuff to fill it with.  I knew I had turkey broth that I just made with my turkey soup and I also found frozen peas.  In the fridge I found carrots, mushrooms, butter, milk, chopped parsley and the star - turkey. 

Turkey Pot Pie

Prepared pie crust
5 Tablespoons butter
5 Tablespoons flour
1/4 Cup chopped onion
3/4 Cup carrots
3/4 Cup peas
1/2 Cup mushrooms
Salt and Pepper
1 3/4 Cup turkey broth
2/3 Cup milk
3 Cups turkey

The first thing I had to do was defrost my pie crust which took an hour.  While that was in progress, I cut the carrots and cooked them in water, removed the peas from the freezer and cut an onion.  I also found mushrooms that were not used on Thanksgiving so I chopped them as well.

Melt the butter and add the onions, mushrooms and flour.  Add salt and pepper and stir until bubbling.  Remove from heat and add the broth and milk.  I used my homemade broth, but you can use chicken broth and it would be good.  I also did not have whole milk so I used part skim and part heavy cream.  My thinking is that the skim milk balanced out the heavy cream :-)  Once it's all incorporated, place back on the stove and add in the rest of the vegetables and parsley. 

Place the prepared crust in a pie dish, add the mixture and top with the second crust.  I added a few little additions using the sides of the crust, but you could just cut a few slits to allow steam to escape.  425 degree oven for 35 minutes and your heart will be singing.

This wasn't the ultimate, made from scratch turkey pot pie, but when Jim took his first bite, I got a high five! 

My craving is now complete, my belly is happy and I did it without having to head to the grocery store.  This recipe is definitely a keeper.  If you have turkey left over, give it a try!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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