Monday, June 21, 2010

Season of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Well, it's here.  Earlier this spring, we made a decision to join our first CSA.  The Food Project intrigued me from the beginning with their commitment to our youth, food and community.  Their mission is to grow a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system and they have been doing so since 1991.

The decision was made easier since they had a Lynn Farm Share close to our home and made it easier to make the trip to pick up our bounty each week.  After a visit to the site and a conversation with someone in the Food Project organization, we made the decision to move forward and enjoy a season of fresh, locally grown, quality produce.

This is an exciting day for me!  Later today, I pick up our bags of produce and will document the dishes I create.  It brings additional importance since I just recently watched Food, Inc. and was amazed at what goes on in the food industry.  Have you watched that documentary?  Everyone needs to see it as it will change the way you look at food.  I am glad we made the decision to join a CSA and look forward to creating our healthy new life.  I'll see you later this week!

Remember:  A good life deserves good food...

Fino a quel momento (until that time)



  1. I like the message of food inc, but not the way it was said. Perhaps I just dislike tearful personal testimonial. I'm more of a facts kind of girl, which is why I really enjoyed Fastfood Nation. I also enjoyed Supersize Me, but more out of morbid curiosity.

    I'm excited to see what you make out of our CSA Share. I seriously considered getting one this year, but the cost frightened me. That and I don't really have to set up yet to preserve the excess.

  2. I agree with you and also a facts kind of girl. I will also get Fastfood Nation as well. Thanks for the comment as I am excited too!