Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our special day in Lazise, Italy

Yesterday, our friends kindly came into Verona to pick us up for our special day.  It was wonderful to see them again and they look fabulous.  We headed into their charming citti of Lazise and to their home with a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.  

Barbara immediately began calling friends from wineries so I could have a tour, which of course, made me very excited.  We headed out for our "light" lunch and then straight to the Benazzoli Winery owned by two sisters who took over the business from their grandfather.  They are young, smart and prepared to grow their winery in what looks to be the right way.  Not large, with about 75 acres but great tasting, award winning wine.  Claudia gave me a private tour and wine tasting!  

                  My new friend Claudia

While still full from lunch and of course the cheese and bread from the winery, we headed to yet again, more friends who own a quaint bakery called La Briciolina (the crumb) and while still full, they brought out a sampling for our table.  Of course, Sal said we needed to finish the plate as to not insult our hosts.  I do hope my clothes still fit by the time we head back to the states! 

                   Lavender growing wild

We relaxed back at the house sitting under olive trees while viewing the lake and beautiful countryside of Lazise.  Thank you again for a perfect day with people who feel like famiglia.



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