Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Over? non può essere

All good things must come to an end, said not me.  We have been traveling through Italy for almost three weeks and tomorrow we head to Milano and return to the states.  We have had the most glorious time eating our way through this beautiful, magical country, making new friends and visiting with good friends.  I am however, ready to get back to see my famiglia as we were only in Boston for a short visit prior to leaving for Italy.  

It also happens to be a special birthday for me.  Yes Judy, I have almost caught up!  On our last full day we headed by train to a charming village, Peschiera del Garda to meet Barbara and Sal so they could take us to their favorite restaurant in Valeggio sul Mincio, Ristorante La Borsa.  The area is famous for tortellini made by the Nonna's who live in the area.  

We parked, walked up the street and found a sign on the door that they were closed for a month!  While the owner did not budge when Sal tried to get them to cook for us, he did provide a recommendation for another local ristorante in the area, ristorante Gatto Moro in Borghetto.  Back in the car, we headed to find our lunch and found ourselves in another beautiful quaint village.

While they were unhappy we were not going to their favorite ristorante, "there is a reason for everything" as Eva always says.  We never would have found this beautiful place.  The Ristorante Gatto Moro was wonderful.  We began with vino, why yes of course.  Then the tortellini.

                  Tortellini di Villagio - with meat

It was light and delicious!  Of course, a little Parmesan Reggiano cheese was sprinkled on top.  You knew these were homemade as they were all just a little different.  I wonder if Eva can make these?

    Tortellini di Mantova   Pumpkin

These were much larger and filled with sweetness.  You could only eat a few but since Sal did not like these, he just ordered another plate of the meat tortellini.  Why not?  Lets just say they all disappeared.

Ok, I guess we needed to have something healthy other than the grapes from the vino!  I am liking the potatoes added to many of our dishes.  I think Jim may eat more veggies if I add a little extra starch to the plate!  

This was a cold local fish, Luccio with warm, grilled polenta.  It was seasoned wonderfully, but I could not finish as I was very full.  Jim and Sal somehow managed...  By the time we were finished, most everyone had left the restaurant.  I was able to check out the kitchen and the others ate dessert of local peaches with ice cream.  


                                             Look at Sal.  I got caught...

Once again, a perfect meal with very good friends.  It made for a most wonderful birthday celebration into my sixties.  Jim has already asked me what I wanted for the next big one!  I don't think this can be topped.  Thank you Jim for making this such a special time and for being you.  To Barbara and Sal,  arrivederci a Settembre!

Ciao Italia,


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