Friday, September 30, 2011

Life as it happens...

Jim and I just finished up two weeks back in our home after our summer break.  Best of all, our bff's Judy and Dave have arrived and are now here full time!  It's amazing that eight years ago we purchased our homes right next to each other with a plan of some day, living full time in Naples.   That plan has become a reality, but we never thought for a moment it would be this soon or that we would even pave the way.  But yes, it happened and it's all good.  Of course, we miss our family and good friends every day and our intention was never to cause sadness in others but we are so very happy, it's crazy.  We had a plan, worked at it for many years and had the fortunate luck to be able to realize our dream.  I ask, how lucky are we?  You don't have to answer, we know...

Not that the four of us is not enough, but we have been quietly coaxing our family and friends to join us in paradise.  And it's working!  Paula and Dan made the big move this year as well as Pat and Dan.  We will continue to work our message until we are able to surround ourselves with our Boston connection.  Actually, we had to say good-bye to everyone tonight and the four of us sat together and ate, drank and focused on our new life.

Of course, it's Friday which means Pizza!  I made a quick salad and a nice lemon dijon dressing.  The star was of course, pizza.  I made a tomato, garlic and basil pizza and an eggplant on whole wheat.  We added a nice wine, Judy went next door to grab dessert from last night and we had a perfect Naples evening.

Tomato, Basil and Garlic 

Eggplant and Diced Tomatoes

Tomorrow, we head to the farmer's market to think about our meals for the upcoming week.  Stay tuned!  Have a great week, hug your family for us and always remember, a good life deserves good food...

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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  1. What a delectable post - made more delicious by those pizzas - love the eggplant - it's still at the markets here. Tomorrow and Saturday are our Farmer's Markets. Yes, it dictates the meals for the week!