Monday, June 13, 2011

Shall We Go Greek?

This past week went by too quick which only means my bff Judy heads back to Beantown today. (sigh)  I wanted to cook, but the decision was made for her last night in Naples to head out after a very long summer day at the beach.  We decided to try a new local restaurant, Olympia Dining on Davis Boulevard.

When we arrived, it was early and we were the only guests. (sigh, again)  I am happy to say that quite a few tables filled while we were there.  They have a nice, bright and open dining room along with a bar.  They have been open for about a month and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wine and beer license.

My experience with Greek food was one restaurant and many great meals at my cousin Eileen's home as her husband Zizzis is the ultimate Greek Gourmet.  I'm not sure why I visited only one restaurant since I haven't tasted anything I didn't like.  I had the same experience last night!

Jim fondly remembered the moussaka and ordered that along with a homemade tomato soup.  The moussaka had layers of roasted eggplant, a meat sauce and potatoes, topped with a béchamel sauce.  The soup was made with fresh tomato, oregano and not much more.  Delicious!

Judy and I both opted for the fresh catch dinner which was sea bass served over rice with grilled onions and red peppers.  It was topped with a white sauce and feta cheese.  It also happened to be on the special where you received two dinners with salad and a glass of wine for $29.95!  The salad, while good by itself, included a rolled grape leaf stuffed with rice.  See, this is what I love about being in Naples during the summer.  The wine was of course, just a house wine, but the food portion was large enough to take home lunch for today.  My only complaint would be that the vegetables we had were frozen but I did notice on the menu some of the entrees include homemade green beans.

This is definitely a restaurant we will return in order to try other menu items and perhaps even breakfast. Now I have to get ready to say goodbye to my girlfriend one more time.  It's one of the bad things about being so far away from your family and friends.  But I can smile knowing it's just for a short time before they head to Naples for good.  I will just have to hold on to the sunshine until she returns...

Have a great day everyone and remember, a good life deserves good food...

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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