Monday, May 24, 2010

Simon's Coffee House, Sarasota, FL

While in Florida this month we headed north to see Jim's Mom as she had knee surgery and of course, being May - Mother's Day.  On our return back to Naples, we met Jean and Tim Kaney for Dinner.  Jean is a bff from high school who now lives in Sarasota with her adorable husband and two dogs.  While we did not see each other while raising our children, having careers, etc., we are now right back where we started and it feels good.

Jean and Tim picked the restaurant for it's unique setting and best of all, it had many vegan options!  This is what I love about being with Jean.  Even though she had no idea that I am working towards healthy living by way of food, she picked the perfect restaurant.  Simon's is a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with great food and a perfect people watching place.  When we arrived, the restaurant was packed but we stayed so long, they ended up locking the door behind us. 

Simon's is open for breakfast and lunch, but had recently opened for dinner.  That night, they had a small dinner menu with mouthwatering options.  I knew right away I would be trying something I have never eaten and chose the Tempeh Loaf with Parsnip Mash. 

How good does this look?  Being open to trying new food is such a good thing.  In the past, I never would have tried this dish and would have missed out in honest goodness.  It was tasty, delicious and yes, healthy.  It looked like meatloaf, but only much, much better.  Everyone needs to try this and you will be hooked.  We asked for the recipe and I think they were cautious since they did not give the recipe, but a list of ingredients.  Oh well, I can figure that out...

Of course, Jim made a face and opted for the Chicken Pot Pie which by the way, was not your traditional pot pie.  It was quite different than what he was used to, but he actually loved it!  Just another sign that he is ready.

Jean had the tuna and it was prepared perfect.  Tim on the other hand, stayed straight and ordered a plain sandwich which is generally not like him at all. 

The night ended with a vegan chocolate dessert ordered by Jim and he finished it fast!  I definitely need to work on my dessert recipes since he likes to eat them daily and often. 

Once again, we had a fabulous night with great friends.  While I don't get to spend enough time with Jean, I cherish the time we get to spend together and look forward to the next...

Fino a quel momento (until that time)


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