Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zester Heaven

I'll say it right here - right now.  I LOVE MY ZESTER.  There, I said it.  It can be a zester or grater, but in any event they are all critical tools in my kitchen.  In our old house, I had a wall in my kitchen that was set up like Julia Child's.  I hung my good pots and frequently used utensils right next to the stove and knew exactly where each one of them belonged.  My zesters had the prime location as they were used all the time.  Best of all, they never got lost! 

My slim microplane zester like the one shown here is my favorite.  You can use it for zesting lemons and oranges along with nutmeg and ginger.  While you can use it for many other things, I like to move on to the next size.  For grating cheese, it's best to have a Microplane 35001 Home Series Coarse Grater, Black.  It has more room to grate and it's easy to hold.  I use this one on the table with a block of cheese just in case someone wanted extra cheese with their meal (like always), but now they have this nifty Microplane #39008 Parmesan Rotary Grater, Black which even makes that easier!  You put a small piece of parmesan inside and fingers never have to touch the food. 

And for all the new "stuff" out there today that makes my heart flutter every time I use it, I still own very old zesters and graters from small to large.  I have this grater that stands on it's own.    It's not my original since that one went to grater heaven long ago, but it's my go to for when I need to grate potatoes or onions. 

How does anyone go through life with just one?

How many do you have?

fino a quel momento (until that time)


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