Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vision and Success

Earlier this week I read an article that discussed the need to see or vision yourself in what you are seeking.  That could be in the form of anything from a new career to a special dish you are making for the first time.  I certainly believe that's true and try, although not always successful, to do just that.

It happened earlier in the week with a contest I entered.  In the beginning, I wrote a short, 300 words or less story on a whim and nothing more.  The topic was my reinvention from a telecommunications executive to a caterer.  It wasn't the prize that made me enter, It was my way of telling my story out loud for the first time for the world to read.  It made it real.  People had the opportunity to read all entries and vote for those they liked.  The top ten entries would advance to a second round of judging. 

As the closing date grew closer I decided I really wanted to make it through the first round.  I wasn't clear on why, but it became my goal.  It was only a few days ago after reading that article did I actually vision it and pull into gear to be successful.  With the help and support of my wonderful family and fabulous friends I successfully made it into the top 10!  By the way, there were 475 very good articles about women making changes in their life.  I actually voted for some of them.  The wait is now on while the ten entries are judged and the winner announced on March 26.

Vision is key.  Being able to see your life as you want it makes it happen.  Do you think I can win the weekend in NY?  I do...

fino a quel momento (until that time)


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